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Frozen Buffalo Meat Exporter in UAE

Frozen Buffalo Meat Exporter in UAE

A.M Hind Pvt. Ltd. is HACCP approved and ISO certified organisation and Assured the requirement of food safety and security norms to follow during processing meat product. Reason of being the buffalo meat exporter in UAE is that we export to use and follow the instructions and guidelines designed by the Government of UAE and all these practices give us smooth gateway and opportunity to serve our buyers and importers partners in UAE. In India Government norms are also been follow selection and post slaughter process under the supervision of the state Government’s Veterinary Doctors team, Department of Animals Husbandry to ensure best quality of meat Delivery to our customers. Our practice and quality of Meat make us one of the first choice in buffalo meat exporter in UAE.

The firm also established a modern state of art meat processing complex which helps to take the product cuts and pack size as per out client requirement and our product sailing on top among other competitors hence A.M Hind Pvt. Ltd. is best Buffalo meat exporter in UAE. The meat complex compromises of professional slaughter house equipment’s imported from Germany, deboning and freezing plant imported from Italy, France and U.A.E, a rendering plant imported from U.S.A. and a U.A.S.B. based effluent treatment plant. All the generators in our factories & our trailers are powered by green fuel produced by us in this compound itself. Several Cuts and Parts of buffalo meat provided by us are widely in demand of various clients across the globe especially in UAE. We provide our assortment with the best processed tender buffalo meat products in boneless buffalo meat category.

The cuts always make as per the clients requirement after their approval only we start the cuts processing after the cuts is being approved by the client we take the packing request and pack the Buffalo meat in extremely hygienic and professionally stacking formations. our offer to visit our processing plant to client make them so comfortable and we gain their trust over quality and eliminate our competition from Gulf market and gives us an opportunity to be professionally managed buffalo meat exporter in UAE These delicious meat products are lower in cholesterol and calories and higher in iron.