Basmati rice exporter in India and UK

AM Hind Exports as Basmati rice exporter in India and UK. We got best quality Basmati rice, no chemical stuff and no hybrid stuff. We follow all the guidelines of AGMARK and we produce some of the best of the best quality basmati rice in the world, Grains of Basmati rice is considered as the world’s largest rice grain and have a very exquisite delight.


Best rice exporter in India and UK

AM Hind Exports as Best rice exporter in India and UK. We are the best exporters in international market as well as the best suppliers in domestic market.

Importance and Benefits of Rice

Since ancient times, rice has been a part of our food. Royalty and nobility considered rice to be staple food and they held rice in high regards when it comes to a meal. Back then, rice was only available to nobles and royals, and there were restrictions as to who can cultivate rice and how much one has to give away as a form of tax, which in turn caused confusion against common folks and people started overestimating the nutritional value of rice.

Importance of henna

Henna, one of the natural remedies to cure many sorts of health problems and skin born issues. Since, ancient times, henna has been used by women as a form of ceremonial remedy as a part of their makeup.


Nutritional Value of Rice

There are different Nutritional Value of Rice