Importance of henna

Henna, one of the natural remedies to cure many sorts of health problems and skin born issues. Since, ancient times, henna has been used by women as a form of ceremonial remedy as a part of their makeup.

Most of the common folks today, only know henna as a remedy for hair dye as well as for decoration of hands, palms and feet. Most of the folks doesn’t even know the true benefits of henna. Henna paste is used as a form of ointment for healing wounds and skin problems like pimples and rough skin. It is a common belief in Ayurveda that henna can cure many small stomach related problems because henna is one of the cooling ingredient.

Henna may have some outlasting impressions on beautification department but its usage is also beneficial for our body. So let’s focus its benefits on the common folks who commonly use henna as dye for hair and designing on body.

1. Henna is a natural dye
Henna gives your hair a mixture of red and orange, almost crimson like color which is natural and long lasting. However you can also use coffee beans in the henna paste to give your hair amore dark brownish color
2. Improves hair texture and removes Dandruff
Since henna is a natural cooling herbal agent to Improves hair texture and washing hairs with henna also clears your scalp from dead cells which is commonly known as Dandruff
3. It stops hair fall and acts as a conditioner
Henna also nourishes your hair roots so that hairs can grow more effectively with volume and length and henna also acts as a hair conditioner to make your hair more silky and shiny.

So, instead of using chemical dye, try using henna for once and give a natural touch to yourself