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Importance and Benefits of rice

Since ancient times, rice has been a part of our food. Royalty and nobility considered rice to be staple food and they held rice in high regards when it comes to a meal. Back then, rice was only available to nobles and royals, and there were restrictions as to who can cultivate rice and how much one has to give away as a form of tax, which in turn caused confusion against common folks and people started overestimating the nutritional value of rice. All kinds of rumors started spreading like wildfire and soon after that, rice was seen as a form of divine food and thus being used as an offering to god and in many rituals and festivals.

Since historically, rice cultivation has been started in regions of china as well gangetic plains and the practice of rice cultivation was a monoculture tradition of rice farming, due to which rice farming has survived for almost 6000 years and spread across all over Asia. Today rice cultivation is practiced all around the world and rice is the most highest consumed food in the world, there are almost 250,000 varieties worldwide. More than 100,000 varieties in India only. India and china rule over the world’s rice production and consumption.

Today many health conscious folks, discard rice in the name of high starch and carbohydrates, claiming that eating rice can cause weight gain, diabetes and all sorts of health issues and which is true, to some extent, but that sort of thing is only true, if your whole diet is based on too much of rice consumption. You should have a balanced meal, which includes rice as well. Discarding rice in the name of health issue will in itself, create another health issue.