basmati rice exporter in india and uk

Basmati Rice Exporter In India

AM Hind Exports as Basmati rice exporter in India and UK. We got best quality Basmati rice, no chemical stuff and no hybrid stuff. We follow all the guidelines of AGMARK and we produce some of the best of the best quality basmati rice in the world, Grains of Basmati rice is considered as the world’s largest rice grain and have a very exquisite delight.

AM Hind Exports as Basmati rice exporter in India and UK produces best quality basmati rice and we have consumers going crazy over this wonderful rice quality and we king of export these high quality basmati grains in our domestic as well as international market. Our rice goes through some of strict quality test to make sure what is delivered to consumers is not just a quality rice it’s also a trust. AM Hind Exports as Basmati rice exporter in India and UK goes through various quality parameters such as DNA analysis test to process adulteration results, ratio of height and width, as well ratio of broken rice, protein and all the essential quantity of nutrients, color and fragrance.

AM Hind Exports as Basmati rice exporter in India preserves the heritage and diversity of one of the oldest crops in the history of human civilization and that is rice. In India there are over more than 150,000 varieties of rice and with this much diversity there are many ways to consume rice. People from north India consumes simple cooked rice with fancy side dishes as well. South Indians twists rice in the form of dosa, idali and many other styles, all these dishes are referred as normal rice dish in their local region but basmati rice is a little different. It is considered as a type of fancy rice. Basmati is used mostly in dishes of Biriyani and Pulauw and also in special occasions that involves a dinner buffer. There is a sense of specialty attached with basmati rice because in all the rice family, basmati stands out the most. Basmati is long grain rice with exquisite taste and fragrance. A note of caution, packets that has only labelled as long grain is not basmati rice, the packet needs to mention basmati before selling basmati.